Full Stack, Front End and Back End Web Development

Web apps have grown complex and more have become possible on the Internet. Web developers have gotten more specialized. Here are the 3 main categories in the profession:

  • Front end development (the visible parts of a web app)
  • Back end development (the “under the hood” databases and infrastructure parts of a web app)
  • Full stack development (a hybrid of both). Full stack can apply to a web stack, mobile stack, or a native application stack.

What is a Front End Developer?

Front end developers build the visible parts of websites that users see and interact within their web browsers.

The front end of a web app (or a mobile app) is the part a user sees and directly interacts with. The front end is built with languages like:

What is a Back End Developer?

Back end developers build the “under the hood” parts of web app that users don’t interact with directly.

The backbone of the app. The data presented on web browsers are catered through back end and network stack. It is more behind-the-scenes. Mainly dealing with Database design, Integration between apps or services, Transaction Handling, APIs to name a few.

Where to Learn?

Since there are many required skills to be a successful modern web developer, courses online or in-person might not include everything. Listed below are the most comprehensive courses online you can take to kick-start your journey to become a professional developer in 2020. Note; some of these courses are free and some are paid.

Top 5 Curated Online Courses to Start Learning Web Development

Build Portfolio And Be Found By Employers

Build CRUD Projects. CRUD; Create, Read, Update, and Delete are the basic actions most if not all of the programs in the world perform.

Create something simple or maybe even silly. For instance, make an app that ranks your favorite movies and host them on services like:

For Hosting Your App
For Hosting Your Codebase

Stay Up To Date With Your Knowledge And Skills

It is essential for every developer to keep up with what is going on in the space. These websites can help you do so and also to find answers to your questions.

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