CU 16.2 for Microsoft D365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 1

Microsoft released Cumulative Update for 2020 Wave 1 (16.2) for June 2020.

You can download the CU from this link.

Feature Highlights

  • Migrate data from Business Central 14.x on-premises to Business Central 15.x online
  • Modern authentication to connect to Common Data Service and Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Updated error telemetry in Application Insights for partners

Platform Hotfixes Highlights

  • The DecimalPlaces property is ignored in some reports.
  • The IncludeCaption property for columns bound to fields that belong to a table extension does not work
  • The subpage lines are not editable anymore if you move to a List page after searching through the Tell Me feature and then go back to the subpage lines

Application Hotfixes Highlights

  • “Location code does not exist” error message displays while you create a special order.
  • If you select a customer before printing the Customer – Detailed Aging report, the report prints the Integer field instead of the Customer No. field
  • “Nothing to Handle. This is after a Warehouse Receipt was posted, but not put-away. A purchase Credit Memo was then posted to pull it out of the Receive bin. Additional Purchase was then Putaway. ” error message displays when you create a pick.

Learn More

You can learn more about the features and hotfixes visiting this link.

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